Kristy & Jeremy's Wedding

If anyone’s been wondering where we’ve been or why we haven’t been posting, it’s not for lack of events! We just got back from a trip to Scotland celebrating our upcoming five-year anniversary. We’re back now and still trying to get back into the swing of things!

A few days before we left, I had the honor of photographing Kristy & Jeremy’s wedding. I say “I” instead of “we” because Darek was one of the groomsmen (Jeremy is his cousin). It was definitely the most atypical wedding I’ve been to – featuring kite-flying, origami-folding, Paciugo gelato instead of a cake, and pinatas instead of a bouquet toss. The guests all had a great time, and the love between Kristy & Jeremy was very evident and sweet to witness. And the bright colors were great to photograph!

The rings:

Trying hard not to blink:

I love bright bouquets!

Saying hello before the ceremony:

During the ceremony:

The ushers posed like this all by themselves. I just clicked the shutter.

Walking to the reception:

Reading the origami instructions:

Watching the pinatas:

This looks a little scary:

Toward the end of the reception someone set the bouquet down on this table. The colors and placement was just perfect – it couldn’t have looked better if it had been planned!

Sometimes at the reception the bride and groom spend so much time talking to guests and such that they barely get to spend any time together; but these guys still found some moments to focus on each other.

Butterfly release!

But the butterlies didn’t want to go! They were more interested in all the bright flowers; and everyone was very interested in the butterflies:

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