Julie + JD | wedding

When Julie first contacted us, she already had a wedding photographer booked, but then decided she liked us better, so she hired us instead! No pressure, right! We were so flattered that Julie and JD would have us come all the way to Corpus Christi to document their wedding day. It was a wonderful wedding, and we were so blessed to have a great group of people be so welcoming and make us feel like a part of things. I had an incredibly difficult time choosing my favorites to blog, so there are a few more pictures than usual. : )

The girls check out the gift Julie had put together for her mom (the wonderful children’s book “Love You Forever” with hand-written notes and pictures of Julie inside):

Getting lots of help putting on the dress (hmm, can you find me in this one?):

Yay! It’s so fun to watch a bride see herself all ready for the big moment:

Julie’s mom looks pretty pleased as well:

The guys arrive:

Checking out the ring:

Julie signs “I love you” as they hold hands for a few moments without actually seeing each other:

The adorableness level at this wedding was just through the roof!

JD catches sight of Julie coming down the long aisle:

Darek caught this moment from the side during the formal pictures:

I think this may have been my favorite part of the day; we stopped at a mirador (gazebo) on the seawall for some pictures. And as you can see, I had a really hard time choosing my favorites!

Julie said she liked artsy/trendy stuff, so I tried out a texture on this one:

This was on the middle of the dance floor – great idea!

We actually had a rare opportunity to go by the reception site before the wedding – since it was on our way and set up early enough – and we were able to get some great shots of the tables and details all set up and looking perfect:

And I loved the ocean/seashell theme! Even the forks had seashells on them. Neat!

The NorthShore Country Club had a balcony overlooking the dance floor, which was awesome. First dance:

This was our first wedding with starfish in attendance. Loved it!

Father/daughter dance:

What happens when I shoot the toasts from the floor next to the kids (I had a good laugh over this one):

The dance floor stayed lively all night:

JD takes Julie’s shoes off for her:

Giving her mom the gift:

After a long day:

Last dance:

I really like the cup flying through the air behind JD’s head in this one:

Julie and JD, thanks so much for having us down for your wedding! We truly loved being a part of your wedding day!

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