Summer ends, Fall begins

It’s been a weird month for us! After an insanely busy summer of weddings, portraits, traveling, and other stuff going on constantly, we had an entire month without a single wedding, and only 2 portrait sessions. Crazy!

It’s about to pick up again for “the new Summer” (as in: Fall is the new Summer, since Fall weddings have become so popular over the last few years), but in the meantime, I’ve been using some of my time to work on my sister’s wedding pictures from July 2007. Luckily I wasn’t the real photographer, so she hasn’t been waiting over a year for her wedding pictures or anything like that, but we still took a lot of pictures, and I haven’t finished working on them yet. I came across this one today and just thought I’d share – because it makes me laugh.

My littlest sister (I have 3):

Stay tuned, we’ll be back to blogging regularly after this weekend’s wedding – and then it’ll be non-stop until November!

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