the luckiest | Dallas baby photographer

There is something to be said for those kinds of friends that stick with you through not only the good and the bad, but also the really, really bad times. The ones who see you in the darkest times and still, somehow, stand by you. You don’t come across those friends very often in life. It’s good to hold on to them when you do.

This adorable girl is luckier than she knows – she was born into an awesome family and she is going to have a ton of fun in her life. She is surrounded by love. She has amazing parents and a great big brother who is absolutely going to keep her entertained. I can tell she’s already fascinated by him.

Possibly the only thing that can make “baby’s first year” photos even cooler than they already are is doing them for friends – friends you may not get to see as often as you like. It’s priceless to get to see the “milestone” times. I can’t believe this sweet, happy girl is already 6 months old! She was full of smiles and totally happy to be in front of the camera. My favorite!


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