365 Project | the last month

I’ve sat down to write this post a couple of times. I think a part of me is sad that the project is over. Another part of me just isn’t sure how to sum it up in words.

It was definitely an exhausting project – I ended up with nearly 30,000 photos at the end of the year, spent a ton of time during during the process not only taking photos but also going through them but editing & posting the “winner” of the day, and nearly killed my back carrying my camera all over the place every single day for a year. But the good things definitely outnumbered the bad, and now I have a pretty amazing snapshot of this year of our lives. I would never have taken a lot of these pictures without committing to this project – so many of the “small” moments that would have just passed me by. I’m now in the (very slow) process of going through the unused photos (the ones I took that didn’t end up as the daily photos) and I’m amazed at all the little slices of life that I barely remember, even just a year later.

It’s also been a reminder of how lucky I am – not only to have a profession that gave me the tools to undertake this project, but also to have such full & amazing life. I don’t take what I have lightly.

I often feel like I blinked and my girls went from 2 to 3 in about 5 seconds. But I have a photo from each and every single day of that year to help me remember all the little things in between those 2 birthdays. I’m so glad that I did this.


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