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I absolutely love doing family sessions in peoples’ homes! They are always some of my favorites. And no, your house doesn’t have to be perfect to do photos in your home! The kids are usually most comfortable there and we get the most genuine interactions. These boys were hamming it up for the camera as soon as I arrived, and even when they got bored of smiling for the camera they still had plenty of fun playing, showing me their rooms, and snuggling with Mom & Dad.

It’s always nice to have photos of the whole family smiling at the camera, but I love the in-between moments as much, if not more. All the real things that make up a day and make your family who they are – the everyday things like fixing boo-boos, breaking up the grumpies with cuddles & tickles, reading books together, getting to fly through the air with Daddy. It’s really the best way to capture all those little things that go by so quickly and remember what life is like when they’re still little.

Loved spending part of their morning with them – it was easy to capture how sweet & loving these boys are!


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