crazy fun with three

The difference between a newborn session with just one baby and a newborn session with older siblings is like night and day. With one baby, it’s so calm and so quiet. When I walk into the house for the session, sure, the baby will occasionally be wailing at top volume like a never-ending siren, but otherwise it’s just so…peaceful. On the other hand, walking into a home where there’s already an older sibling or two – or more – is like a nonstop attack of the senses. Little ones running, jumping, bouncing, screaming, laughing, crying, singing, and so much more. And you know what? I LOVE IT! I love the energy and the noise and the chaos. I grew up with 3 younger sisters and a loud, chaotic house just sounds like love to me.

This session was no exception to the typical chaos. And it may have had an extra dose of craziness because this is my sister’s family and they know me, so the kids were probably even a little more wound up than if I was someone they didn’t know.  But when my sister asked halfway through the session “are newborn sessions with siblings always this crazy?” I answered, “oh yeah, definitely, no exceptions.” And it’s SO fun!!

I get that it can be stressful for Mom and Dad. I totally get it. Because I’ve been on that end of it too.  And am, on a regular basis, to be honest. But it still just makes life so interesting and so full. And it results in so many extra fun – and funny – pictures. So I embrace the chaos and the unpredictability and gosh it makes it so much fun to look through the pictures.

And baby #3 just sweetly sleeps through it all, not having any idea of the craziness he’s surrounded by or how much fun it’s going to be to be right in the thick of it in a short amount of time. Not having any idea that these two energetic kids jumping in and out of his crib are going to be the ones he looks up to and watches intently to figure out the world. Not yet knowing how lucky he is to be part of this family.


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