Christmas baby

It has been far too long since I’ve blogged, which is definitely not due to a shortage of amazing sessions, but simply due to an extreme shortage of time! This Fall has been soooo busy, but so full and fun. I’m hoping to have time to catch up on some other sessions from the last two months, but I’m going to start with my most recent session, and my last session of 2017 – this adorable, squishy-cute newborn who I could hardly stand to put down. He just has that snuggle vibe!


I think I have an extra affinity for December babies since I was one, but I think it’s such a cool, special time to be born, when there is Christmas magic in the air and twinkly lights everywhere. It’s such a gift to have a new little baby as part of your family and such a perfect time for that gift. And since parents are going to be up in the middle of the night anyway, it’s nice to be able to enjoy some of that Christmas magic. 🙂 He was absolutely perfect for his whole session and I like to think he enjoyed it, because he kept smiling the absolute sweetest smile!



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