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I know I say it a lot, but I just can’t say it enough – I love doing baby’s first year sessions! There’s nothing like being able to capture that first year with all of the big, fun milestones and watching babies grow from tiny newborns to laughing toddlers. Even though it hasn’t been a whole lot of time, the last time I saw Lily she was still very much in the newborn stage, snoozing away in her parents’ arms. Now she’s four and a half months old and pushing up on her tummy, playing with toys, and giving lots of adorable smiles – I even got smiles as soon as she saw me!

We ended up rescheduling this session twice because of weather & sickness, but as a bonus it ended up being a Christmas-y session – and check out how Lily is totally rocking that adorable Christmas outfit!


Sebastian was a bright spot on a super foggy, fairly dreary day – his sweet smile and fun red Christmas outfit were a perfect way to offset the gray skies. We started his session at 8am and by 9 he was ready for a snooze – sounds like a pretty great life to me! I’ve really been enjoying photographing kids in their homes with the Christmas decorations up. Something about the magic combination of childhood and Christmas, I guess! As a bonus, Sebastian has a very cool house and an awesome nursery – so awesome it was even featured on Project Nursery!


There isn’t a lot I miss about living in the house we were in before moving last year, but having these guys as my next-door neighbors is definitely at the top of my list! They’re the best kind of neighbors you could possibly ask for and I’m still sad that we don’t live a few feet apart. The oldest was only 3 when they moved in next to us and I’m blown away at how grown up she is now! All of the kiddos are incredibly great, sweet kids. Their brand-new puppy came along for photos and they were definitely most excited about having their photo taken with him! Climbing logs was a big hit too.:)


I laughed a TON at this session! I’ve known Sarah for several years; she’s one of my sister’s very close friends and one of the funnest people I know. I was so excited for her when she got engaged, and even more excited when she contacted me to shoot her wedding! This was my first time to spend time with Brad, and I can tell Sarah has found herself a great guy; they’re super sweet together!

The weather was definitely not our friend for this session – we had already rescheduled twice because of rainy/gloomy days, and for our 3rd shot it ended up being ridiculously windy. But it was gorgeous otherwise, and the light was perfect, and it turns out that a well-done up-do and a ton of hairspray can actually be a match for the crazy Texas wind (even when you’re on a dock at White Rock Lake), and the afternoon ended up being perfect!


I don’t share a whole lot of personal stuff on this website. It always feels a little funny to post any photos of my kids, because I’ve kept my personal life & business life so completely separate for so long. But in the end, they do overlap.

Truthfully, I’ve always struggled to find a balance between running a business and maintaining a personal life. And to be honest, the business side of life has probably been more of a priority than the personal side the majority of the time, just because that’s how life tends to sway sometimes. It’s not intentional, it’s just a matter of trying to figure it all out.

This year, I made it a priority to document my OWN life, my OWN kids. Every day I take a photo (ok, some days hundreds of photos) with the intention of capturing a year of our lives. I didn’t want another year to pass where I spent a billion hours working on photos of other people while my own photos sat unorganized, unedited, and even un-viewed on hard drives. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE working on other peoples’ photos, and it brings me great joy and there are soooo many things I love about it – but my own photos were barely even on my radar, and at the end of the day, they are at least equally important.

I started the project on my girls’ 2nd birthday in August. I now have 4 full months completed and haven’t missed a day. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been so fulfilling already. They grow up so fast, and the time passes in the blink of an eye. It’s a blessing to be able to capture them like this.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Month 1:


The last time I saw Laura & Patrick was at their wedding in 2010, and now they have a gorgeous baby girl! It was so much fun to see them again & to meet their new addition. And it turns out we’re practically neighbors! It’s a small world sometimes.

Reese is just adorable and so sweet. She might also be one of the strongest newborns I’ve ever met – she’s already working on holding her head up and it’s pretty impressive! I just loved spending my morning with her.


I have a feeling these sisters are going to be good friends as they grow up! They’re just 2 years apart in age and their interactions are really sweet. I had such a great time with this family; we had the most unbelievably perfect weather (us and 8,000 other photographers & families, ha!) and a perfect day for the cool area around the Winspear. Of course I love a good field at sunset but the architecture downtown is just so much fun and perfect for kiddos to explore – and you just can’t beat playing in water when you’re 2 years old!


I love so much about doing newborn sessions – capturing those tiny details, seeing how adorable new babies are, watching their cute and often hilarious expressions, and of course getting a few snuggles in between poses. But my favorite part, by far, is seeing the parents’ interactions with their new baby. I love the oohs and aahs and that look of joy on their faces as they absorb all the details of their new little one. These parents are head over heals in love with their new little one and I’m so glad that I was able to witness it. They drove a long way on a moment’s notice and I know it was all worth it for this precious little guy!