Brittney + Corey | wedding (part 2)

Brittney and Corey saved up to pay for the majority of their wedding, Brittney even working 2 jobs. She wanted it to be a celebration – and it was. It was a joy to witness their wedding, and we wish them much, much happiness in their marriage!

Some details:

Mmm…I don’t usually eat cake at weddings, but I had my sister snag me a piece…best wedding cake ever. (Red velvet…yum.)

Ava didn’t want to be left out during the first dance:

We snagged them for a few quick portraits:

The cake went everywhere:

Hmmm…my dad and sisters tear up the dance floor (in their own special way). Fortunately, no one was hurt.

“What are you guys looking for?”

“Corey’s ring.”


It was found very quickly. : )

Brittney and Corey, we wish you the best!

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